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The persecution of Christians continues to increase around the world. Claiming Christ in parts of the world can lead to violence, imprisonment and death. One of these places is Iran, where Islam is the official religion. Iran’s government just gave …Read More

There is always something exciting about archaeological discoveries. These glimpses into the past fascinate humanity, and discoveries that relate to faith are often even more intriguing due to the extra weight and importance lent to them. As such, archaeologists can …Read More

An Indian pastor and his son were beaten with sticks and clubs by a group of about 30 Hindu radicals in Jaida village, India, Daily Express reports. Ramesh Vasunia, 43, and his son Rahul were returning by motorcycle from a …Read More

Helen Bond and Joan Taylor, both Bible experts have used forensic examination of the New Testament to understand how women were really viewed 2,000 years ago. The two say they may have unearthed secrets which could change how millions of …Read More

Embed from Getty Images The ruling party in China is attempting to increase their control over religious freedom in the country, most recently by taking a crackdown on Christianity. In the country’s province of Henan, which has one of the …Read More

Pope Francis is back after a well-deserved month of vacation with a warning to the faithful. When he resumed his weekly lessons on the Catholic catechism, Pope Francis told his weekly general audience that there was a “supermarket of idols” …Read More

There is a new figure predicting the end of the world, and it is not what anyone would have expected. The notoriously secular search engine giant, Google, has apparently jumped on the apocalyptic bandwagon. People recently discovered a bizarre warning …Read More