Oh, we heard from Reiki master and interfaith minister Vic Fuhrman on his approach to helping people with cancer bless their chemo drugs. Here’s what he wrote:

“For many years, I’ve shared a simple ritual and visualization for chemotherapy recipients to use in preparation for treatment. I encourage them to ask the nurse administering the drugs to allow them to safely hold the IV bag or other dispenser between their hands. Then they relax, close their eyes and take several comfortable breaths.

“While in this light meditative state, they silently say a prayer of gratitude for the gifts of life, medicine and healing in accordance with their personal spiritual beliefs.

“Holding this sense of gratitude, they begin to visualize a stream of “golden viscous light” flowing like honey through the crown of the head, down through the neck, into the chest and then into the heart. The heart fills with this wonderful light until it overflows and proceeds out to the shoulders, down through the arms and into the palms where it then passes into the medication.

“The visualization continues with the thought that this heavenly light will travel with the drug, effectively removing the diseased cells while causing no harm to healthy tissues or unpleasant side effects. The meditation closes with another prayer of thanksgiving. While the drug is administered, the recipient should continue the visualization and ‘help’ the drug on its path through the body.

“This ritual may be used for any medication or treatment, at home or at the medical facility. Blessings to all of those on the healing path!”

Thank you, Vic! I know this will help a lot of people. Might occasional nurses grow impatient with this, or not let the patient bless the IV bag sometimes? Chemo recipients, write in with your experiences.

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