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March 2007 Archives

Metamucil, the fiber “regularity” product for older folks has developed ads for the young, nut-and-berry set. “Drop Dead Gorgeous Guts” the ad headline reads next to a pretty model moving into a yoga “plow” position. Issues of these ads and …Read More

The hottest actor in New York right now is Liev Schreiber. “New York Times” theater critic Ben Brantley calls him the “finest American theater actor of his generation.” I saw Schreiber in David Mamet’s “Glengarry Glen Ross” a couple of …Read More

March 31st is Al Gore’s birthday (he’s an Aries), and astrologer Shelley Ackerman has responded to my initial please-lose-the- grief-weight-Al post so intelligently, that I must quote her here. She posted this on her website KarmicRelief: “How about examining WHY …Read More

Now, new books are being released that argue against the “Law of Attraction” mindset so many find inspiring in “The Secret.” Somehow I doubt they’ll sell as well.

One thing in today’s New York Times really struck my fancy. It’s about how fashionable it’s become to check in for a drug or alcohol mind/body detox. I quote: Less than a decade ago, a stint in rehab was assumed …Read More

It was bound to happen. Read all about the plastic grocery bag ban in San Francisco here, and then buy some of these or this great site’s many other options so you’ll be prepared when the same ordinance is passed …Read More

Found a nice Easter egg decorating twist on iVillage: “fiber eggs” brought alive with bits of yarn or string. Click here.

Take the nine minutes to watch this inspiring documentary film trailer for “Raw for Thirty Days.” It’s the story of how six insulin-dependent diabetics who’d previously been subsisting on American junk food “undergo a radical 30-day diet and lifestyle change …Read More

An appealing progressive group called Envision a New America is asking all of us to join their members for 10 minutes every Sunday, at any time of day, to pray and envision a new America. The idea is to imagine …Read More

If you are thinking of showing your kids a film about the life of Christ as we get close to Easter (a valid, wonderful thing to do, no matter your faith), my choice for you would be the 1961 Samuel …Read More