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November 2005 Archives

I finally saw the film “Goodnight, and Good Luck,” a look at the life of broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow during his most important and emotional year at CBS. It’s a wonderful study of one man’s unshakable integrity. Don’t miss …Read More

Well, Prince is dead. I euthanized him in a large pot that I let sit overnight in the basement refrigerator. Prince was our angelfish. And when the kids and I bought him nearly two years ago, he really looked like …Read More

Has gone mad? Check out this kit of snowman faces on one of my (formerly?) favorite websites for spiritual kid gifts. Ahem! What was so wrong with the coal and the carrot?

Every woman’s doctor is trained to kindly ask, “Are you performing your monthly breast exams?” And most women answer: “Ah, yes, well mostly…that is, when I remember.” Yesterday, as I was perusing breast cancer books at a local bookstore, I …Read More

Hey, how are you doing in your efforts to drink eight glasses of water a day? I have re-devoted myself to the ritual, but my daily totals are still uneven. Yesterday, I counted only four or five glasses. The day …Read More

CHANGE If you knew that you would die todayIf you saw the face of God and loveWould you change?Would you change?If you knew that love can’t break your heartWhen you’re down so low you cannot fallWould you change, would you …Read More

“I want to take my temperature again,” were my nine-year-old son’s first words this morning. “Hmmm,” he said, frowning at the results. “98.4.” “Yeah, I think you can go to school,” I said, stroking his forehead. “But look, only three …Read More

In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln offered this Thanksgiving proclamation to the nation in the throes of the Civil War. The following quote sounds so apt for our world today: “I do therefore invite my fellow citizens in every part of …Read More

A cute piece on the Pope’s flashy red (and probably Prada-designed) loafers aired Tuesday on CNN. You’ll love this video clip. I have to thank’s astrologer Shelley Ackerman for sending it to me with the note: “Jupiter in Scorpio …Read More

Please read Wendy Schuman’s interview with author and religious studies scholar Huston Smith. If you are fascinated with what joins the world’s great faiths, Smith is a wonderful author–I’d argue the best. His books are comprehensible and accessible. And …Read More