I finally saw the film “Goodnight, and Good Luck,” a look at the life of broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow during his most important and emotional year at CBS. It’s a wonderful study of one man’s unshakable integrity. Don’t miss it. Once home, I put the words “Edward R. Murrow religious beliefs” into a Google search and got this from The Museum of Broadcast Communications website:

Murrow was apparently driven by the democratic precepts of modern liberalism and the more embracing Weltanschauung [worldview] of the American Protestant tradition.

In Alexander Kendrick’s ‘Prime-Time: The Life of Edward R. Murrow,’ for example, Murrow’s brother, Dewey, described the intense religious and moral tutelage of his mother and father: “they branded us with their own consciences.” Murrow’s imagination and the long-term effects of his early home life impelled him to integrate his parents’ ethical guidelines into his own personality to such an extensive degree that Edward R. Murrow became the virtual fulfillment of his industry’s public service aspirations.

Endearingly, Murrow once said, “I have always been on the side of the heretics against those who burned them because the heretics so often turned out to be right. Dead, but right.

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