Every woman’s doctor is trained to kindly ask, “Are you performing your monthly breast exams?” And most women answer: “Ah, yes, well mostly…that is, when I remember.”

Yesterday, as I was perusing breast cancer books at a local bookstore, I found a whole new concept.

Here it is: Women should massage their breasts every day–in the tub or shower, before sleep, any time they can manage it.

With one woman in eight still getting breast cancer, daily breast massage makes great sense.

Women sometimes tend to think of their breasts as other people’s property…their infant’s or their partner’s. But if women were to touch, caress, massage their own breasts daily, they would better acquaint themselves with the feel of the soft tissue and glands. They would become better judges of any changes or irregularities. Some authors also indicate that daily breast massage can help to keep the breast healthy, free of actual and energetic blockages. (Any new lump that seems suspicious should be checked out immediately, of course, and not massaged at all.) Here’s a web link to a massage therapy site that indicates that breast massage could perhaps become the next domain of the professional massage therapist–with client consent. Very interesting…

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