Changing Channels

Matthew Perry

To be continued?

Hopefully not!

Oh, go on … or perhaps don’t go on would be better!

OK, I got all the puns out of my system, for now. Trouble is, I also got the new Matthew Perry/NBC series “Go On!” out of my system after just one episode: the premiere.

I wanted to like the program, even though I never watched Perry in the smash-hit Friends as I thought I would like his sarcastic ways and the priceless facial expressions he flashed in last year’s short-lived ABC comedy “Mr. Sunshine”.

Perry’s gifts aren’t enough to “Go On!”, however, as I guess I don’t have ALL the puns out of my system.

There are hints at comedic treasure in the opener with a bit about the Final Four of people’s woes,  like deaths in the family, illness and other problems in a counseling  session Perry is forced to attend.

Perry, you see, made insensitive remarks in his job as a sports talk show host and was forced into the session.

The problem isn’t so much Perry, who is a gifted actor, but there just isn’t enough talent around him or good enough writing to make this show viable.

Go On? Yes … go on searching the TV dial for something else to watch!

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