I wasn’t going to write a  feature/post over the weekend until I saw, again, a TV ad for John Hancock financial services.

The ad features four distinctly different “couples” discussing their investment options in this volatile market.

“Let me guess,” all the husbands say in tandem to all the wives about to open up a letter about their stocks/investments. “The money went up and then it went down and then it went up and down  again.”

“Are we crazy to keep putting money in,” each wife wonders before the husbands say “we can always stick it under the mattress”

The woman walks away and sarcastically says “good  plan, we’ll go far with that”.

In other words things will stay the same and we will continue to be the victim of our own circumstances.

Yet, this seemingly blase’ attitude portrayed by the people in the commercial and by many of us in ‘real’ life is what got us into the situation we are in today.

Because the men are wrong, there WILL be a time when the money doesn’t go up or down, it will just go down and the relatively good times for this nation will end.

And the women are wrong for thinking that if they continue to invest everything will be fine and dandy.

Sorry John Hancock if that’s the “hope” you are trying to portray in the ad … ‘keep investing’ … I am not buying it.

The  economy, particularly the debt, is a ticking time bomb about to go off … even if you want us to continue acting  like zombies in that ad.

Everything is not going to be fine unless people start to wake up … immediately!

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