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Barack Obama

On the day the Democratic National Convention, the DNC, really gets rolling I have to wonder something about the president … does he MEAN to be  mean?

I ask this question about Barack Obama because of his willingness, even eagerness, it seems to mix it up with Hollywood and sports figures.

When Matt Damon criticized the president a few months back, Obama basically replied “Hey Matt, saw your last movie … not so good”.

As if running the country could be compared to some movie … ?

In February, in a story than ran just yesterday in the Atlantic Wire, Obama put down one of the most prominent Christian sports stars in the nation in making a reference to the presidential race.

“We’re the Miami Heat, and he’s Jeremy Lin,” Mr. Obama said, according to an aide, about Mitt Romney.

The context may have been that the Heat had just contained the streaky-scoring Lin in a recent game, but does the context even matter?

Should a president even be wading into such waters … especially one who promised to ‘calm the  seas’ before he became president?

I hope I am wrong … for their sakes … but the DNC could turn out to be ‘Hatefest 2012’



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