Changing Channels

I know, I know the headline above seems dramatic, or maybe overly-dramatic.

But the thing is, when you look at sports today they just MAY be dying a slow death or perhaps worse.

Start with major league baseball, as several players have been banned from the sport this season alone for use of performance-enhancers … including Melky Cabrera of the Giants.

Cabrera is a BIG deal, as MLB’s leading hitter and All-Star Game MVP … it doesn’t look good for the sport, to put it mildly. And before him there was Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire, all sports frauds in a way.

Then take a look at professional football. I’m not sure whatever happened to risk-taking and being responsible for your own actions come in but some prominent names, like George Will, are talking about doing away with the sport due to concussions.

While the problem is serious should we just quit on the No. 1 sport in America?

Joe Paterno

College football, too, seems to be rotting with the likes of Ohio State, Miami, North Carolina and Penn State involved in embarrassing, or worse, situations.

Finishing, for now, with the NHL … the league may just finish itself off with yet another labor dispute.

How dumb can they be? I am a BIG fan of the league and yet I keep forgiving it for these regular labor squabbles.

But is hockey just one sport that’s dead, or dying?

What’s your opinion?

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