OK, as if I don’t make some people angry enough writing about one television topic, I am going to try to take on several in one feature.

There was plenty of brouhaha over Al Roker’s comment to Matt Lauer about the latter’s “role” in the departure of Ann Curry, but just the fact that the weatherman COULD take such a deep dig at Today’s main man is pretty cool.

Al Roker

While Roker is more than just a weatherman, Just think about that happening in YOUR market: KCRA’s Brian Albrecht had a wicked sense of humor, for instance, but there’s little chance of him taking on legendary newscaster Stan Atkinson.

“Mr. Sacramento” would have had Albrecht booted to the Chico market before you could say “Sleep well….”

OK, that reference probably only worked for a few readers … moving on….

***The problems with Today run deeper than any rift between the personalities, the show runs too long (4-5 hours in some markets compared to just 2 hours for the other nets shows) and the competition with several other programs have watered the “arena” down…to name just two issues…

***It was funny to see a 98 Degrees reunion on Friday’s Today, especially when they sat on folding chairs during one point.  In another 10 years, they may need rocking chairs! just joking…

***When a show-mance is over, or if it was misconstrued should it then be called a no-mance?

***With programs like Breaking Bad on don’t tell me TV hasn’t changed over the years. In the last century that show, during the time of The Brady Bunch or Leave it to Beaver would have been called Breaking Good…

***I have never watched that show, or The Closer, Leverage or Rizzoli and Isles

***Should I be “fired” from this gig for the above alone? Don’t answer that, please!

***What well-known shows have you never watched? Please comment below…

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