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Tim Allen hasn’t changed much in  recent years, and for that we can ALL be thankful!

The once-troubled ex-con turned comedian turned television star is still making us laugh in his latest ABC comedy, Last Man Standing.

Allen flourished with the outstanding Home Improvement comedy as a husband, and father of three boys and has a similar role this time around as well.

Tim Allen

The manly-man from Tool Time is the No. 2 man at a sporting goods outlet and is the dad of three girls.

Allen is as quick-witted as ever and clearly relishes the role, even if it means being more, ahem, “sensitive” than he would normally care to be.

At the end of a recent episode Allen has to be a “there-there” presence for his wife (Nancy Travis) who is lamenting how quickly their daughters are growing up.

No one does a pained expression quite as well as Allen, who would clearly rather be elsewhere.

But like the good hubby he hugs his wife and is there for her, even if he would rather be watching sports.

It’s also cool that Allen is not afraid to mention his faith and the importance of values in the program.  It’s part of what it makes it so good to be watching Tim Allen all over again.

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