Nicki Minaj

After seeing her perform on Wednesday’s Today Show I am not heartbroken over Nicki Minaj’s cancelled tour.

I am sorry, but I’m not.

As if it’s not bad enough that most female performers are scantily clad/too sexily dressed therse days. Minaj took things to another level with what her MALE dancers were wearing.

The male anatomy was pretty much on complete display by these “gentlemen” in very slippery-type pants despite many young kids being in the audience.

Also, members of the U.S. women’s gymnastics team were on hand, making the scene look all the more uncomfortable.

OK, it’s been established that I am a conservative and a bit of a prude.

But shouldn’t there be some standards on attire and/or where-when certain things would be more appropriate?

Is it right to have the wholesome and tremendous athletes on at the same time these men are showing “themselves” off to the crowd?

Do we have standards anymore or is everything pretty much out the window?

Minaj also considers herself a Christian and tweeted “John 3:16” prior to last Christmas.

I hope Minaj’s sore throat, the reason for her tour cancellation, gets better.

I hope her judgment does too.

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