OK, I’ll admit it … occasionally when I get angry or frustrated I use a curse word or two.

I am not proud of that and I always feel disappointed and worse about it when I do.

It’s not classy to curse and even worse I think it’s vulgar and sinful.

What am I getting at? Who knows … lol!

Seriously, what I am getting at is the more people curse the less effect the words actually have.

That is, when people use curses to either sound “tough” or to “fit in” or express other emotions the less effect the words have.

For better or worse, the latter in my opinion, the groundbreaking show NYPD Blue or the early part of Howard Stern’s radio career seemed fresh and exciting to some.

Cop dramas of today are “cleaner” ones like Blue Bloods or Rookie Blue, while Stern arguably gained critical praise as a mostly “clean” judge on America’s Got Talent.

While the first ‘Blue’ and Stern’s radio show are not part of the mainstream media now, where are the boundaries for programs now? When you use the same vulgar language over and over again what’s the so-called “fun”? Where’s the excitement?

Cursing just seems so old and blah to me …

What are your thoughts? I am overthinking a topic (again)?Is cursing on TV or off it not such a big deal? Please leave your comments below … thanks!

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