Whether or not you want to admit it, everyone knows ad host ‘Vince’ of Slap Chop, Shamwow  and now Schticky fame or infamy.

I say the latter because “his” ads for the latter have finally been  sanitized after months of including two painful and corny lines of sexual innuendo.


Without getting graphic, one comment had to do with a cat and the other came after a friend stopped by.

Cute is cute and clever is clever and neither line in the original ad was either. Crude was probably a more apt description, and there’s plenty of that going around these days.

A slap to Milwaukee’s mayor, as happened the other day, was probably a bit much.

A chop to this ad was definitely appropriate, if a bit late.

Taking care of other business, to recommend another site:

The web site http://midlandtradeshow.com/ is clean, professional and user-friendly.
It’s a positive that the company logo and phone number are hard-to-miss in their location at the top of the page. One minor improvement would be to consider bumping up the font size a bit to make both items stand out more.
The photo is acceptable and the copy is useful and error-free. I would consider using a different photo with a person or two in it to bring the picture to life a bit as it is a little “dry” otherwise. Less copy with the most important points about the different aspects of the products is another possibility for a bit of an improvement.

Overall, the site is good to very good and with a few tweaks it could even be excellent.

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