Changing Channels

Gentle and smooth enough to show off homes on NBC’s Today Show, but tough and grizzled  enough to mix it up with business superstars on ABC’s Shark Tank, Barbara Corcoran is one winning woman.

Barbara Corcoran

I had to blog about her after the inventor a truck bed mattress refused her offer to go into business together. No offense to him, well maybe a little offense intended, but was he crazy?

The maker of a boot accessory slip-on product wasn’t as foolish, quickly slipping into business with this winner.

It’s so  easy, and perhaps even fair at times, for women and minorities to complain about getting squeezed out in a male-ruled world.

People like Barbara Corcoran, however, don’t make excuses NOT to succeed … she gets out there and makes things happen.

A great role-model indeed!

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