Changing Channels

They’re useless and painful to watch.

They annoy the heck out of the coach and probably the poor sideline reporters that have to “conduct” them:

They are the in-game interview with the coaches and they must stop NOW!

You’ve seen them and I’m pretty sure most of you cringe right along with me. Heck, my wife, who’s not even much of a sports fan even knows how ridiculous the interviews are.

Sam Ryan-MLB

“Coach,” the interview always starts with the reporter corralling the coach who DESPERATELY wants to get into the locker room to talk to his or her players, “What do you need to do in the second half to play better?”

“Well,” the coach always says. “We need to play harder, limit our mistakes and give them fewer opportunities to score.”

“Thanks coach!,” the reporter says … to the coach who is already running to the locker room and can’t hear anything else the reporter said anyway.

What a waste of time and half-hearted effort. Coaches who HARDLY say anything after a game are surely NOT going to say anything worthwhile DURING it.

Stop the madness, I say. Stop the dopey in-game coach interviews.

If just ONE network or station stops doing them perhaps more will follow suit.

One can only hope.

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