Changing Channels

It’s not easy starting a television network, just ask Oprah Winfrey.

The queen of the daytime talk show has found it MUCH more difficult to run her own, that is OWN.

That’s what makes the success of the YES Network so remarkable. In the just as competitive world of sports television, think ESPN nationally and MSG and SNY in the New York area, YES has still carved out a very successful “product”.

George Steinbrenner

OK, so airing Yankee games is a no-brainer route to success with the most top franchise in all of sports. However, the network has also built up a stable of successful shows in Centerstage, Yankee Classics, Yankeeography and more.

The network was also wise enough to air a simulcast of the Mike and the Mad Dog radio program from WFAN. The duo was a success and Mike Francesa has held the program together well on his own when the pair split up after 19 years.

As Marv Albert would say …. YES! indeed.


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