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“Thank God for Sue”, says the mom (Patricia Heaton) of teenage “goody-goody”–in a good way–Sue Heck at the end of last week’s terrific episode of The Middle.

Indeed, I say the same thing after a rough week of women on air, including the cast of Bridesmaids behaving badly at The Oscars and the premiere of GCB on ABC, which looks like G-A-R…Ok, you get the point.

Eden Sher

Sue Heck (Eden Sher) is a breath of fresh air, even through her shiny metallic braces, always finding the good in situations and never giving up. She’s a role-model who doesn’t know she is one, and an eternal optimist in a world full of troubles and challenges.

Even when her family forgets her leap year birthday, Sue is happy and grateful about the leftover cake(s) quickly smashed together and centered by a lit bathroom candle.

“I got everything I wanted,” she exclaims.

In watching you Sue/Eden in this usually clever and clean comedy, we can say the same thing.



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