Changing Channels

For the sake of full disclosure I am a RABID New York Giants fan.

Tom Coughlin

That said, wasn’t it easier to root for the more down-to-earth Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning than the surly Bill Belichick and the success-has-come-too-easily Tom Brady?

Coughlin wasn’t always the warm and cuddly type, and he GD’s far too often for my taste, but there’s still something humble and genuine about the guy.

Manning, meanwhile, thrives under pressure and in the toughest market of all to play in.

I was wrong at the beginning of the season … Eli IS an elite quarterback.

He’s also becoming an all-time great … forget about the 25 interceptions he threw two seasons ago.

They’re ancient history … this guy’s a winner. I learned from Joe Namath not to focus too much on stats, anyway.

Sorry New England sports fans, but with all the success of the Red Sox, Pats, Bruins and Celtics in recent years I have no sympathy for you.

And while Brady and Belichick were and are great, New York was just better this season.


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