Changing Channels

I love sports, but it’s rare I’ll watch an NBA game from start to finish.

I made an exception the other day, however, and caught the entire Knicks-Lakers game on ESPN.

Jeremy Lin

As Magic Johnson himself said, Jeremy Lin is the real deal.

New York can only be glad it didn’t waive the Harvard product about a week ago, when team officials were reportedly considering doing just that.

Because the Harvard product, almost can’t say that enough despite the program’s top-25 ranking this season, is scorching the net in leading the Knicks to five straight wins.

What Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony struggled to do, the rare Chinese NBA player is doing, leading the Knicks to wins.

He electrified the Madison Square Garden crowd with a remarkable 38 point performance.

He’s fun and exciting to watch, but Lin is no fluke, scoring over 20 points per game since the Knicks acquired him off the Golden State Warriors scrap-heap.

Just Lin Baby!

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