Changing Channels

There are reasons why I call Sunday’s game the “Stupor Bowl”.

I enjoy the NFL and LOVE the New York Giants, but some things that go with the game are pretty ridiculous … like the choice of music acts for the halftime show.

Madonna? Puh…leez!

Isn’t her act kind of stale by now … if she ever WAS that great?

Instead of trying to continually push the boundaries of  bad taste … which organizers constantly try to do (think Justin Timberlake-Janet Jackson … or don’t think about it).

I have a novel idea  … why not try something new, fresh, different and WHOLESOME.

Michael W. Smith

Go mainstream Christian rock with someone like the amazing Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Jars of Clay or even a cross-over act like Amy Grant?

I know, I know … they often sing about Jesus Christ and that could offend some people.

You know what? … TOO BAD!

Christians have put up with hours and hours of offensive programming, but are still the largest block of audience one can find … except in the pews on Sunday.

That’s another matter though … most people would enjoy a Christian rock act at the “Stupor Bowl”.

It could make the event a little more Super, actually, for a lot of us.

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