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No, I didn’t see the movie Bridesmaids and something tells me I didn’t have to see it in order to know what it was about: Women behaving badly … or as badly as their male counterparts in so many movies, …Read More

I can admit when I am wrong about something, and it’s possible I was over the matter of New Jersey flying its flags at half staff following the death of Whitney Houston. As so many people pointed out, the honor …Read More

For every one of Geico’s ads that are funny or clever, to me, there are about 20 or more that miss the mark. The reason I write about this is because Geico seems to be the only advertiser on TV …Read More

Let’s be honest here, OK? New Jersey deciding to fly its flags at half-staff for the death of Whitney Houston was a nice honor. The woman was a music superstar and it’s important some people take pride in her and …Read More

It doesn’t have to be ‘cool’ to be a Christian. It doesn’t have to be ‘fun’ to be a Christian. Gary Cartersure made it seem that way, though. The former MLB catching great was a joy to watch on the …Read More

It’s nice to be able to write that the high points of Sunday’s GRAMMYs on CBS outpaced the lows. By a pretty good distance, too. Sure, there was Nicki Minaj acting and dressing the fool … trying to mock Catholicism …Read More

I love sports, but it’s rare I’ll watch an NBA game from start to finish. I made an exception the other day, however, and caught the entire Knicks-Lakers game on ESPN. As Magic Johnson himself said, Jeremy Lin is the …Read More

For the sake of full disclosure I am a RABID New York Giants fan. That said, wasn’t it easier to root for the more down-to-earth Tom Coughlin and Eli Manning than the surly Bill Belichick and the success-has-come-too-easily Tom Brady? …Read More

As if we don’t have enough people flipping the bird at the U.S. and who “don’t give a crap”, pardon the language, rapper M.I.A. got into the action. In case you haven’t heard, though you probably have … which is …Read More

There are reasons why I call Sunday’s game the “Stupor Bowl”. I enjoy the NFL and LOVE the New York Giants, but some things that go with the game are pretty ridiculous … like the choice of music acts for …Read More