For every one of Geico’s ads that are funny or clever, to me, there are about 20 or more that miss the mark.

The reason I write about this is because Geico seems to be the only advertiser on TV these days, except perhaps for ‘Flo’ and Progressive.

For every clever Lincoln not commenting on his weight spot, there is a squealing pig.

For every saving money by trying to find dates on karaoke, there is that annoying little gecko.

Aren’t people tired of that little character and his fake accent already?

Basically what bothers me too is that NONE of the ads, whether slightly funny or not, and usually the latter, have ANYTHING to do with the product.

When I called Geico it was a waste of my time. Its insurance was markedly MORE expensive than what I am paying now.

I guess it’s good that Geico is keeping so many shows on air these days in an awful economy.

I just wish they wouldn’t try so hard to be so clever or funny … what do you think?

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