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No, I didn’t see the movie Bridesmaids and something tells me I didn’t have to see it in order to know what it was about:

Women behaving badly … or as badly as their male counterparts in so many movies, take The Hangover (PLEASE! … another movie I wouldn’t waste my time or money on).

Ed Helms can be an EXTRAORDINARILY funny actor and is actually at his best in singing and dancing skits on The Office, but The Hangover actually looks rather sad and depressing in its own way.

Melissa McCarthy

Which leads me to Melissa  McCarthy of Mike and Molly and Bridesmaids fame, or infamy.

She could be someone who serves as a role-model for overweight women being cute and funny.

McCarthy just comes off as rude, crude and obnoxious, however in small samples I have seen of her CBS show and in the commercials I saw for Bridesmaids.

Oh yeah … and add highly offensive into that mix, too.

Women getting drunk, throwing up, cursing and farting. Wow! Where do I plunk down my $10 bucks to see that?

Thanks to Sunday’s Oscars I didn’t have to pay a penny to see her or the rest of the Bridesmaids cast … and that’s about what their “act” is worth.

See Melissa and co-star Kristin Wiig joke about the male anatomy. See Melissa pretend to do a drinking game when someone uttered the name Martin Scorcese. (see Scorcese have to explain said game to his teen daughter … sitting RIGHT NEXT TO HIM!).

I am rolling over in fits of laughter at how clever and funny that all was … NOT!

Although a bit dull, thanks in part to phone-it-in host Billy Crystal, it was a mostly dignified affair.

Except for McCarthy and crew, who should learn that a little class and grace could go a loooooong way.




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