Changing Channels

I don’t mean to sound heartless … really I don’t.

I bawled like a six-year-old, after all, when I watched Jackie Evancho sing on PBS the other night (thanks for the over 100 facebook shares, too). She was superb and there ARE quality programs on PBS.

But, truth be told, there are quality programs all over the dial these days thanks to History channel, Discovery, TLC, Smithsonian, HGTV and more.

I pay a premium price for my U-verse bill and I just don’t have money left to give to PBS,

Soup Nazi

I wonder how many others are in the same boat?

After paying bills and tithing and other giving there’s just not more cash laying around to give to PBS.

Besides, being on all these TV offerings like Dish, DirecTV and cable doesn’t PBS get a fraction of that money?

On top of that it already gets government funding that other channels don’t receive.

It may be time to pull the plug on antiquated PBS, even with some of its quality shows.

Sorry PBS, but similar to what the Soup Nazi used to say on Seinfeld:

“No cash for you!”

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