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Thanks to you readers and the folks at Beliefnet, this feature recently reached its 200th posting.

It’s been so much fun and eye-opening doing this “work”, and I thank you SO much for reading and supporting it.

It’s easy to tell how popular Jackie Evancho is. My recent post about the sensational young singer has been shared almost 500 times!

That has much more to say about her, than my writing, for sure.

I have picked some interesting topics though, like the Snickers candy ad in which the sharks review how their victims “tasted”. Of course, “Steve”, who just ate a Snickers was “delicious”.

Most people feel, and I agree with them, the commercial is a bit morbid and tasteless.

Snickers, it seems, could care less as the spot has run for about a year now.

Speaking of “tastes”, Dick Vitale and Lee Corso of ESPN are not my taste when it comes to sports broadcasters.

I think it’s cool “Dicky V” tweeted me to state his case about being enthusiastic though.

When enthusiasm crosses over into hype, however …. that’s where I have a problem with it.

Howard Cosell

Speaking of sports, as the original hype-ster Howard Cosell would say, I “wuz” right!

I called for the firing of Joe Paterno at Penn State before it happened and I said the Red Sox should hire Bobby Valentine before they selected him for the post.

Which makes me perfect … sheeyeah right!

If you’re not too angry with Matt be sure to check out his blog posts on the New York Yankees at:

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