Changing Channels

Just saw a report that Alec Baldwin was tossed off a plane for refusing to stop playing a game on his cell phone.

It’s just another instance of him refusing to play by the rules and behave himself.

It’s gotten really old … and he’s getting old! It’s time for the 30 Rock star to start learning how to act … in real life.

Alec Baldwin

I actually felt bad for the radical left-winger when tapes of him berating his daughter were made public a few years back.

Those types of family things are private, or should be, and no one is perfect.

But Alec Baldwin, as successful, talented and funny as he can be, asks for trouble.

The Capital One ads, where he spoofs himself, are really no spoof. This guy acts like the world is his oyster and he’ll flick the empty shells wherever he darn well pleases.

The act is getting VERY old Alec … your brother Stephen Baldwin may not have as successful a career as you but he is pursuing something far more important:

The Lord.

It might not be a bad idea if you humbled yourself to do the same.

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