I LOVE my trip to Wendy’s every couple of weeks because I enjoy their burgers and their salads.

Yes … that’s right the salads. Wendy’s has some of the most creative ones around and I still say it’s good to have some greens once in a while even if they are drowning in dressing.

And I really enjoyed the $2.99 combo they just did away with in Apex, N.C. … or has it been eliminated everywhere due to this awful economy?

(That’s no knock on Wendy’s … my favorite size soup, OK … the large one … at Brueggers Bagels just went up $4!).

Anyway, I digress as I often do when talking about one of my favorite subjects … FOOD!

The point of this feature was to praise the return of the “Where’s the Beef?” TV commercials.


Wendy’s brought in the perfect guy to play the role of unsuspecting kid who bought a “Where’s the Beef?” t-shirt because he thought it was different.

The ex-boyfriend of a Modern Family character is the perfect dupe because he doesn’t know why strangers are making a fuss over his shirt.

“Where’s the Beef?” of course was one of the most famous fast food ad campaigns of any era, starring Clara Peller, who passed in 1987.

Interestingly, the company apparently never answered the question in its ad until the new incarnation began just a few months ago.

The actor realizes where the beef is … when he walks in front of a Wendy’s, of course.

Genius … in its simplicity, an ad that truly needs no “beefing up.”



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