Changing Channels

Former NBA coach Phil Jackson is pretty good in an ad he is currently starring in for Audi.

“Jax”, who led the Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls to championships, tells a restaurant boss yelling at an underling that “I have found that anger is the enemy of instruction.”

When the restaurant boss doesn’t recognize the ex-Knicks player and ignores the advice, Jackson deadpans “you’re probably right” as he leaves to retrieve his vehicle from the valet.

Jackson then gets into his Audi after receiving a compliment from “real” commercial star “Todd” — who as an aside is in ads for Dunkin Donuts, Progressive, ESPN and many others.

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I am admittedly uncomfortable about Phil Jackson, as his teams often beat my faves in the Utah Jazz and New York Knicks.

I also wonder how “great” he’d be considered if Jackson weren’t “instructing” the likes of all-time greats Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal.

I am probably not being fair, but what do you think?


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