Ozzy Osbourne

An old family friend wrote in the other day “man, you are tight, lol”.

He was referring to my recent feature on ESPN analyst Bobby Valentine in which I knocked the former Mets manager for using the expression “baseball gods”, as in “the baseball gods will decide if Albert Pujols returns to St. Louis.”

To be fair, Valentine is FAR from the only person to use the expression “gods of this” or “gods of that” but it doesn’t make it right and it never will.

This family friend is right too, I am uptight … about what I have seen and heard about what’s on TV these days.  For instance:

A reference to the Bible reference of the Magi (three kings from the East who travel to worship Christ) mangled to refer to a female body part on Modern Family.

The parents on The Middle lying to a football recruiter in saying their son was busy reading the Bible when he wasn’t working on his academics or playing football.

A poster reading “Pray Now” for the PN part of ESPN telling one football team to pray in order to have a chance to beat the other team. (Sorry, but that’s NOT what prayer is for).

An entire family singing an Ozzy Osbourne song to promote an auto in a car ad. The same Ozzy who has albums entitled The Prince of Darkness, Diary of a Madman and Speak of the Devil.

So yes, forgive me if I am more than a little uptight about what’s on television these days.

Frightened for our future might be an even better description of how I feel, however.


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