Changing Channels

It’s hard to believe it’s been a while since the drama Lost went off the air.

I am noticing some of the actors popping up in new, or “newish”, shows though.

Terry O'Quinn

The new edition of Hawaii Five O boasts a pair of ex-‘Lost’ actors in Daniel Dae Kim and Terry O’Quinn, with the latter joining the cast recently.

I have never watched the new program, I would be interesting in getting readers comments about it.

Is it a good show with solid plots and good acting? Does the legendary actor O’Quinn fit in, or does it seem kind of forced as it looks on commercials?

I heard he was no “Locke” for the part … sorry, couldn’t resist.

The creepy … and I mean that kind of as a compliment … Michael Emerson (Benjamin Linus) is in another CBS drama called Person of Interest.

OK, what kind of TV critic am I … don’t answer that … but I haven’t seen that show, either.

Ah, no wonder Emerson’s in it as the show was created by Lost’s J.J. Abrahms … lol.

I don’t get over things easily, however, and I may have a difficult time appreciating co-star Jim Caviezel in anything except his stellar work as Jesus in the great movie The Passion of the Christ.

Finally, comedian Jorge Garcia who played Hugo on Lost, will be appearing in a TV series, as well.

Can someone tell me what it is? Seriously… I have seen a commercial for it once or twice but Wiki is not up to speed on this … on a rare occasion.

No, no update on the terrific Matthew Fox … he could be an entire blog post himself … and probably will be.







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