Changing Channels

I am a big fan of TV news magazine shows like Dateline, 20-20 and I still watch parts of 60 Minutes after all these years.

I am glad NBC is giving a go to another program of that ilk in Rock Center. At least I think I am.

I understand the show is probably a work in progress and will certainly be better quality than the quickly cancelled Playboy Club — what a horrendous idea that was for a drama.

But the strange ad of Brian Williams in an elevator with weird organ music makes it unclear to me as to whether the new show will be serious or lighthearted, or some combination of both.

The talent to join the show is impressive, and NBC sticks it to its rivals by showing off contributors Harry Smith and Ted Koppel, formerly of CBS and ABC, respectively.

But then SNL’s Seth Myers shows up in the spot and makes me wonder if there will be some comedic element to Rock Center, as well.

There should be a comedic element added to SNL …. often times …. zing!

But seriously, good luck NBC with whatever it is you are trying to accomplish with Rock Center. I certainly don’t offer such good wishes for some of your other programming.

What do you think? Will you give Rock Center a chance, or at least DVR it?

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