Changing Channels

I thought it was pretty cool to get a tweet from ESPN’s Dick Vitale Saturday afternoon, not long after I blogged that I didn’t care too much for his and colleague Lee Corso’s self-promoting ways.

To be specific, I just don’t feel the great games of college basketball and football neeed the breathless, screaming promotion of this pair of analysts.

Lee Corso

That said, I have read VERY nice things about how Vitale treats people and it’s very impressive. I also respect the fact I heard from him, briefly, about the blog.

“It’s pure enthusiasm Matt,” Vitale responded … and I say good for him.

He and Corso have their fans, for sure, but my point is LESS IS MORE. That is, too much spice ruins the  stew.

Perhaps it would be nice as Vitale and Corso age if they became classy-sounding elder statesmen for their respective games rather than a pair that appear to be self-promoters.

I’m just saying … though feel free to disagree in a comment below.

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