Changing Channels

I’ll admit it … I was rooting for the Texas Rangers to win their first World Series title.

The great stories of superstar Josh Hamilton and manager Ron Washington and a team that had still not won a title after falling to the Giants in 2010.

Unfortunately for the Rangers, the Cardinals proved to be just as tough and resilient as they were.

Perhaps even more so, considering the uneven performances of their manager, Tony LaRussa and star player Albert Pujols.

Albert Pujols

As great as Pujols is, he only had a major impact in one game.

But oh what a game it was: three homers, five hits, six RBI.

As usual, the smaller names like David Freese and Allen Craig came through with great plays.

Game six was one for the ages, a made for TV classic … similar to the Mets ’86 game six win over the Red Sox.

Congrats Cards … St. Louis will be all “decked” out for you with a well-deserved parade.

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