Changing Channels

I know Bobby Valentine’s voice drives some people crazy, and others didn’t like him when he was manager of the New York Mets.

But I think the ESPN analyst is pretty good … and he did a fine job leading a mediocre Mets team to the World Series in 2000.

Bobby Valentine

But I have a bone to pick with Bobby V on his analysis of the Albert Pujols situation as to whether or not the slugger will remain in St. Louis:

“Divine intervention will be needed, he will look upon God to give him the direction …”

Stop there, please Bobby V … that was a beautiful and poignant remark the morning after the Cardinals won the title.

(And it was good to see anchor Steve Berthiaume stop in mid-snicker too when he realized the ex-skipper was being serious)

But Valentine didn’t stop there, unfortunately.

“… if in fact the baseball gods say he needs to stay in St. Louis, then he will.”

Baseball gods?

Egads, what a dopey expression … although some of my atheist critics no doubt love it.

To be fair, Bobby V is not the only person to utter the expression about “this god” or “that god” … but it’s just dopey at best and disrespectful to Him at worst.

There’s only one God, after all, in Jesus Christ … and HIS waters should never be muddied by the mention of other so-called “gods”, whether one is trying to be flippant or not.

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