Silly me.

I thought Game Show Network was supposed to be a bunch of old ‘classic’ game shows with a few new ones sprinkled in.

I turned it on the other night by accident, looking for Nick at Nite, and saw none other than Jerry Springer hosting a dating show called Baggage.

Let me tell you something, America’s Got Talent’s gain from losing Springer a few years back is NOT a win for Baggage.

The two minutes I watched were the old Jerry Springer most of us came to loathe when the ex-Cincy mayor hosted his own show.

With the sexual innuendo around him ripe and rampant, Springer sat back, laughed and took it all in.

Sound familiar?

Makes me wonder how Springer got rewarded with the America’s Got Talent hosting gig before he was replaced by the MUCH BETTER Nick Cannon.

From what I saw Baggage should be rolled up and tossed away for good.

More garbage from Jerry Springer is not what TV needs.

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