Changing Channels

“I call ’em like I see ’em”.

The refrain of the baseball umpire is similar to how I go about my business here for the Changing Channels TV blog.

And I have done so 100 times already for Beliefnet since the company brought me in from the bullpen a few months back.

I am close to double the amount of blog posts I promised I would do because I love it and the company has been so positive about my work.

I have to thank my long-time friend Corine Gatti for helping me get the blog started along with everyone at Beliefnet that have been so helpful … Ash Greyson and Lakesha Gadson come to mind.

Most of all, thanks to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ who hopefully guides me to not be too mean in my criticisms or incorrect in my praise.

There is plenty of garbage on television these days, but there are quality programs that inspire and educate too and that should not be lost sight of.

The final thing I want to take note of, but certainly one of the most important is YOU the reader … including some friends and I family I constantly bug to check out the blog … lol!

There have been a few ups and downs, as with anything new, but Changing Channels has enjoyed over 6,800 visits  in just three months!

I humbly say …. thanks!

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