Changing Channels

I was a terrible official/referee for youth flag football when I tried it once.

I am having the same results trying to figure out whether or not I enjoy NBC’s The Marriage Ref, which airs Sunday night on the network

I am not alone, as while the New York Times generally liked the show, which tries to find a “winner” between husbands and wives in not very serious marital “spats”, other reviewers panned it.

One night, executive producer Jerry Seinfeld and Ricky Gervais were on the show’s celebrity panel in the program seemed so-so.

In another episode Tracy Morgan and Regis Philbin were on the same panel and the program was pretty enjoyable.

Darned if I know why I liked The Marriage Ref one night and wasn’t crazy about another, except perhaps it had to do with the likability of the couple the panel was trying to “help”.

Perhaps you can help me. Watch it or DVR The Marriage Ref and let me know what you think.

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