Changing Channels

Several comedies just aren’t laugh worthy anymore.

I’m not sure if the characters have just grown “old” or if the writers have run out of ideas but some programs seem finished.

30 Rock: How many seasons of Alec Baldwin can one take? One less than this one, at least. Tina Fey and Jack McBrayer’s characters just don’t seem that funny or fresh, either 0n the NBC show.

(Below is a pretty funny skit, but from several seasons ago.)

YouTube Preview Image

Community: This was ONE original show originally. (say that 10 times straight). When the legendary Chevy Chase accepts a secondary role on a program you have something special.

But the NBC program has just gotten TOO strange lately with a cartoon episode and paintball competitions.

The Big Bang Theory: The CBS show wasn’t my cup of tea initially, but I credited it for focusing initially on a couple of seemingly nice, if dorky guys.

I flipped on the show for about 30 seconds the other night and saw one guy make strong sexual references in the hallway, then a couple discussing their “behavior” while in bed.

Not funny, not original, not gonna’ watch!

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