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Tracy Morgan is a very talented comedian and actor who addresses topics head-on with a joke.

His recent diatribe about gays and what he would do to his own son if he found out he was homosexual was WAY over the line and just plain sick, however.

The 30 Rock actor and star of movies like Cop Out and The Longest Yard met with gay advocacy groups and audience members in Nashville earlier in the week in an effort to soothe matters.

He seemed genuinely contrite in his apology in a short public statement and that is enough for now.

Tracy Morgan

“This is an opportunity in my life to make a difference,” Morgan said. “I don’t really see gay or straight. I see human beings now.”

It was good to see Morgan serious for a change, as these are tough times for many people and “making fun” in such a crude fashion only adds to the pain.

I only hope Morgan doesn’t address the gay marriage issue, however, as it is another matter entirely.

It is not the time or place for that.

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