Changing Channels

John McEnroe was an outstanding tennis player and he is a good television analyst for the sport.

The same type of tantrums he had that hurt his legacy as a player are also affecting his work in the booth, however.

His recently argued, what else is new for Johnny Mac, on BBC that Nadal should learn to boast of his own greatness:

“There is definitely an argument for him not only being the best player at the moment, but the greatest of all time.”

The legend from Long Island continued:

“Rafa has won things like the Davis Cup and an Olympic gold medal (in singles) that Roger Federer hasn’t, and he is right on his tail in terms of grand slam titles too – why can’t he just say ‘Look, I’m the best’.”

Ummm….I’ll take that one Mr. McEnroe, even though you poo-poohed my question about your attitude during a telephone press conference a few years back.

Rafael Nadal comes across as a decent, kind and sensitive man and it would be WAY out of character for him to publicly praise himself.

Some things never change Johnny Mac … YOU of all people should know that.

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