Changing Channels

Love him or hate him, Tiger Woods was great for several years on the golf course.

The Michael Jordan of his sport, though perhaps Mike Tyson may be a better comparison eventually for a career that flamed out too fast.

I am not a huge golf fan, but I got sucked in Sunday for the final three hours as Rory McIlroy finished off four superb rounds for a convincing win.

What a great win for a guy who melted under pressure in previous big spots. At 22, by comparison, I was running around junior college with a Michael Dukakis mask on.

Rory McIlroy


Mental stability, or toughness, was not exactly on my scorecard those days, so McIlroy is doing fine for sure.

The battle for second-place was pretty compelling, as players like Jason Day and Y.E. Yang made great shots.

Sergio Garcia and Lee Westwood also played very well and should break through at some point for a major win.

Phil Mickelson? … don’t ask, he continues to disappoint with his mediocre play.

There were too many positives to focus on though, like the goosebumps I got when Robert Garrigus finished off his fourth straight round under par.

Garrigus pumped his fists in the air and took in the roars of the crowd for achieving the rare feat, accomplished just four times previously (including McIlroy).

Tiger on hold? The game will go on without him …

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