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When I first started blogging some months back I only wrote about commercials.

Although I since expanded it to all things television, I still like to blog about commercials occasionally.

To be creative, smart, informative and even entertaining in 30 seconds or less is pretty amazing, and without ads creating revenue for shows there wouldn’t be television programming, either.

OK, from the gecko to the caveman I don’t find most of the Geico ads all that funny, which MUST make me different than many of you.

To me the humor is forced on most of the company’s ads and the jokes don’t even relate back to the product.

YouTube Preview Image

What Geico DID achieve, however, is push State Farm, Allstate and Progressive to do better ads and they all have.

I like the “mayhem” character on Allstate, the two auto insurance competitors visiting Progressive and late-night phone call to State Farm ad.

The dead-pan acting of the husband and jealous wife  on the latter commercial is pretty good, for instance.

The slogans “Like a good neighbor …” and “You’re in good hands …” can only take a company so far, after all.

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