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Can they do the (Miss) World a favor?

And the Miss Teen and Miss USA pageants a favor while they are at it?

Once and for all stop with the ‘Gotcha’ questions, you know, the ones with gray area intended to trip up the contestants.

It happened again at the Miss Teen USA pageant over the weekend when Penn Jillette, of the magic duo Penn and Teller, asked Miss Tennessee Ashley Durham an all-too difficult question.

Penn Jillette

Jillette asked her whether burning religious items, like the Koran, should have the same protection under the constitution as flag burning.

It’s really a lose-lose situation for the competitor because either side she comes down on the issue she will probably offend someone.

Durham opined that burning the Koran shouldn’t be protected because it goes too far, which angered Jillette.

“I ‘judged’ Miss USA. ‘Miss’ TN was asked about burning the Koran and she negated the whole First Amendment. (Expletive) … Glad to help her lose,” he tweeted.

The show producers and Jillette ARE to blame for this mess, however, as the question shouldn’t have been a part of the competition or he should have refused to ask it.

Shouldn’t the criteria for these pageants be about the women being beautiful inside and out along with having qualities like being smart and talented?

That’s enough for me.

Better next time they have the half of the magic duo who doesn’t talk as a judge.

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