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It should be rare that I blog about a show twice in three days, but I had to revisit America’s Got Talent after Tuesday’s season premiere.

The NBC show didn’t disappoint, with uproariously humorous performances (like the talking bird) and touching ones (the man performing a song in public for the first time).

It also exposed Howie Mandel as a bit of a phony … the comedian who couldn’t laugh at himself.

The hysterical segment was the first one on the show, and Mandel agreed to be used as a prop for a high-riding unicyclist/flame torch juggler (no kidding!).

The man in the act used Mandel’s head to balance himself initially and had the comic light his torches for him, though writing about it doesn’t do it justice.

Everyone in the L.A. arena was shrieking with laughter as the pair bobbed and weaved across the stage, except one person … Mandel.

I can understand Howie being disappointed a little with being the (head)butt of the joke and being a little fearful of his safety.

But well after the act was over Mandel was still being a sour puss and even buzzed the performer to not have him return.

The one knock on the gentleman, Frank Olivier, is he has being doing a very similar act  for decades … even appearing on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (note the grace and humor Carson displays in the same situation in minute six of this clip).

You put yourself out there Howie, and sometimes those things happen.

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