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Kathie Lee Gifford

OK, so Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb are tough to watch at times, especially when they are talking all over each other.

And is a fourth hour of NBC’s Today Show, even if it’s the most successful morning news/entertainment program around, really necessary?

Make that five hours if you live in North Carolina like I do and can watch My Carolina Today stretch the show out to noon.


We’ll leave that question for another day, while complimenting Kathie Lee and Hoda for some of the more serious segments on their program … yes there are some.

On Wednesday, for instance, the pair welcomed author Noelle Hancock, who wrote a book called “My Year With Eleanor”.

The  Eleanor is the long-departed Eleanor Roosevelt, who advised people to do something scary every day in order to stretch their boundaries.

Hancock took the former first lady’s advice when she lost her job as a blogger and needed to shake up her life.

Hancock told the duo she was initially paralyzed by fear but decided to attack them by doing things like skydiving and stand-up comedy, the latter which she was more afraid of conquering.

But Hancock lived, laughed and moved on … literally, as Rob Lowe would say.

“Nothing is ever as bad as you imagined it to be, in fact it’s more fun than you ever imagined,” Hancock told the talkers.

Hancock now lives in the Caribbean, and is busy promoting her book which tells of her adventures while being out of work.

She is a good example of an expression I once heard:

“Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.”

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