I am comfortable enough with myself on enough levels to write this:

Rob Lowe is a handsome man.

That gift from God aside, Lowe also happens to be a heckuva actor with film titles like The Outsiders, Wayne’s World, St. Elmo’s Fire and hit television programs like West Wing and Parks and Recreation on his resume.

As if there isn’t enough to be jealous of Lowe for, he is also a successful author including his latest tome Stories I Only Tell My Friends. 

Lowe, 47, has as many stories as he has friends. The recovering alcoholic, now sober for two decades, was a passenger on the terrorists dry run on a plane a week before 9-11.

After years of being tabloid fodder for his on-again off-again relationship with Melissa Gilbert, Lowe is gracefully entering his mid-life years with wife Sheryl Berkoff and their two kids.

Aside from an unnecessary exchange with Ellen Degeneres about, ahem, “relationships”  on a recent appearance on her show, Lowe’s behavior is low-key and clean.

He is terrific as a straight man to play off the comedy of Amy Poehler, Chris Pratt and Nick Offerman in Parks and Recreation.

While 30 Rock and Community have veered off track a bit this season, Parks and Recreation is on a high thanks in large part to Lowe.

And I mean that literally.


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