I have always enjoyed reading letters sent from family and friends as their year in review and all the (mostly) way cool things they have done. Call it a vicarious ride. I can imagine the pride felt with graduations and performances. I can visualize the places they have been while on the road. I can feel the joy of adventures. Yes, there are also losses and letting go of what they thought the year ‘should’ be like and those ought to be acknowleged too.

I love reviewing my own life that way. Alth0ugh I do it every day, going over the events of the day before drifting off into dreamland, it is even more fun to add up the blessings over the 12 months period; even those that don’t seem that way at the time.

As 2019 comes to a close in a few weeks, I am seeing them before me, some marching, skipping and dancing in delight and some slowly meandering in contemplative mode.

  • Said goodbye to my dear friend Ondreah Johnson in two memorial services I officiciated.
  • Found out that I will be a grandmother. My grandbaby is due to arrive in January.
  • Began writing for several new venues.
  • Facilitated numerous workshops.
  • Co-facilitated a 400+ person Cuddle Party.
  • Met extraordinary people both in person and via social media.
  • Passed the five year mark post heart attack.
  • Hugged hundreds (maybe thousands of people) as the founder of Hugmobsters Armed With Love.
  • Attended four Pridefests in my area and offered FREE MOM HUGS.
  • Hugged in front of the White House.
  • Hugged in Canada.
  • Was interviewed by major publications about my FREE HUGS mission:  Woman’s World, Woman’s Day, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Intelligencer, Philadelphia Magazine, as well as various radio shows and podcasts, including The Why on NPR.
  • Traveled to Canada to visit my friend Shayne Traviss who published his first book.
  • En route stopped by to stay with Jody Kessler, Doug Shire and their dog Yogi in Ithaca, NY.
  • Read tons of books, watched numerous videos and listened to bunches of podcasts to inform my writing.
  • Showed up, stood up and spoke out at various peace and social justice events.
  • Celebrated the marriage of the daughter of a dear college friend and got to have a fun and frolicing reunion with those who were part of that pivotal time in my life in the 1970s and 80s.
  • Was in a photo shoot for Burlesque in Bucks that is raising money for FACT and will be in a fashion show in January.
  • Had some long needed repairs done on my house, including replacing a door and window.
  • Aquired some graphic design skills.
  • Taught mindfulness and yoga for tiny humans.
  • Let go of some long standing patterns that were no longer serving me.
  • Came to terms with a major regret and put it in its place.
  • Willingness to forgive myself for what I can’t change.
  • Got hired as a consultant/social media maven for two local companies.
  • Saw two amazing concerts, Ringo Starr and Michael Franti.
  • Pitched major publications as a freelance writer. Fingers and toes crossed that they say a hearty YES!
  • Pitched NPR on a podcast idea.
  • Released relationships that weren’t healthy and set boundaries with 0thers.
  • Saw a few hundred clients in my counseling practice.
  • Took more naps.
  • Maintained a fitness routine.
  • Said thank you countless times.
  • Had many Godversations.

Looking forward to next year’s wonders.


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