You are infinitely loveable. Regardless of your history. No matter what you were told. Despite what you have come to believe about yourself, through the interpretation of the words or actions of those around you.

You are loved. Even if you can’t wrap your mind around the idea, wrap your heart around it instead.

You are love incarnate. Born innocent. Still innocent. Life stuff happening in between then and now, can’t change that. Fear-filled religious teachings in an attempt to control will never wipe that Truth away.

You are exquisitely beautiful. Media images of what it is ‘supposed’ to look like can’t change that reality either. Don’t buy into it. These bodies that came as the transport for our souls; whatever you make that word mean to you, are brilliantly designed. Treat it with TLC. Treat the bodies of those in your life with TLC. Treat your own sweet heart with care. Treat the hearts of your loved ones with care.

Whether you are partnered or a solo act, you are desirable. Lavish love on yourself the way you would a beloved other.

Surround yourself with love in the form of supportive people who feed your dreams and deepest heart longings. Shake off the naysayers’ fears for you that are really their own. Embrace your wisdom. It has gotten you this far. Listen to the sweet guidance of the angels who whisper inspiration in the middle of the night if you can’t sleep. Take in the messages that show up throughout the day.

Learn to trust your heart. It won’t steer you wrong. Allow yourself to be fully loved. Fully seen. Fully known.

Sprinkle love on yourself and everyone you meet.

This is my Valentines’ Day gift to you. As much as I love chocolate, this is even sweeter. As much as I love flowers, these thoughts never die.

Live and love well.

BE the love that you ARE.

Hugs from here~ 



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